Real Wedding


Nathan + Manuela

I’ll try to describe in a few words the work of who made the moments of our most beautiful day unforgettable! Staying with you the whole day with discretion and professionalism. Angelo is not the photographer you book and see only on the day of the wedding, but becomes an important figure able to help and advise on the little details. He made us feel quickly at ease and went the extra mile by travelling to our home country to take engagement photographs. Behind his undisputable skills we admired his simplicity, humility and calmness. He was able to capture the important moments of our happiness that may have been missed amidst the busyness of our wedding day.

Giovanni + Sara

Serious, competent, innovative and invisible! Made our marriage service a pleasure and not a torture!

Giampietro + Rossella

We were married in September and we met Angelo in a previous marriage. We contacted her immediately because she is a serious and very careful person. In her work, she puts a great deal of passion and the photos really send us all the commitment she put. The engagement session was crazy and I would recommend it to everyone because the photos that take on that occasion are an indelible reminder to add to the marriage. He is a patient person (and really believe me) so what, we recommend 100% because you will be happy and satisfied with his work!